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Scratching the surface: Ethical jewellery

retailer_jewellerAnna Loucah was Firth’s jewellery designer of choice to make the pieces she wore with her “vegan silk” gown from US eco-designer Jeff Garner’s line Prophetik at this year’s Golden Globes. Loucah used gold donated by US company Hoover & Strong, an eco-friendly refiner and manufacturer of precious metals. For the rubies and spinels, she chose, a site set up through a partnership between British jewellers and Tanzanian ruby miners that assures the stones are mined in an environment where the ecology of the land and welfare of the miners is considered. And the pearls came courtesy of Jersey Pearl, which farms pearls under strict environmental codes. The base metal was 100% ethically sourced, recycled gold and the pieces will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Oxfam. Click here for full article.

Tanzanite crystals supply depleting

Many rumors have been circulating about the Tanzanite crystals supply depleting. Unfortunately, most of these rumors are true. As with any non renewable resources, the supply of Tanzanite gemstones will be practically exhausted, perhaps in another 5 to 10 years. These crystals has been mined for more than 40 years now and there’s only a small percentage of untouched land left. Tanzanite crystals are highly sought after by collectors worldwide and once the supply of these gemstones are extinct, the scarcity will inevitably cause tanzanite’s value to soar.