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Rare yellow pear-shaped diamond to be auctioned off for $15m by Sotheby’s in Geneva

A rare yellow pear-shaped diamond is expected to fetch between $11million and $15million at auction next week, Sotheby’s said today.

The so-called Sun-Drop Diamond is described as fancy vivid yellow – the highest color grading – by gemstone experts.

It is the largest known diamond of its kind, at 110.3 carats, and the buyer will have the chance to name it.

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Congrats to Greg founder of Cred who use Rubyfair Ruby

The UK Guardian Names Greg Valerio As One of the Top Three Global Campaigners

Greg Valerio, activist, jeweler and co-founder of Fair Jewelry Action, has been named by the Guardian as a finalist in Ethical Award under the category, Global Campaigners. The other two finalists are Greenpeace and Avaaz.
In listing its finalists, the Guardian wrote, “Greg is a pioneer in the international development of fairly traded jewellery and is recognised globally as one of the loudest and most persistent voices in the fight for responsible mining.”
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