Sponsor Six Children’s Schooling in Tanzania is happy to announce that all six sponsored children have passed their January entrance exams and are attending the secondary school where they are supported by
Formed with a partnership between UK based Gary Roberts and Tanzanian Vedasto Kujwalire in 2008, is a partnership between British Jewellers and Tanzanian Miners where both the miners welfare, the environment and ecology of the land are all given careful consideration. With their own Ruby mine in southern Tanzania supply untreated gemstones of the highest quality including Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite and Spinel to ethical jewellers worldwide. has an ongoing sponsorship commitment to the Ukwama children’s home near its mine in Mahenge Southern Tanzania and was asked at the end of 2011 if it could sponsor six of the older orphans to attend the local secondary school.
Director Gary Roberts said, “We were happy to extend our financial commitment to the children’s home and have used funds from the sale of the jewellery designed by Annah Loucha and worn by Livia Firth at last years Bafta awards, featuring gems from and ethical pearls from Jersey pearls.” Operational Manager Pete Brown continued, “Since the start of the Rubyfair operation we have supported the children’s home with both food, cloths , building materials and the setting up of a wood work shop. The school sponsorship is a continuation of this support and we would like to thank our 200 jewellers both UK and overseas who have continued to use to supply their gem stones for their support.”

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