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1ct Tanzanite facet

To celebrate the December birth stone Tanzanite offers 10 percent off all 1ct and over Tanzanites
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Mine news.

Update from mine. Rashid says we now have three open cast pits with potential of good ruby recovery. Some pink and red cabochons have already been produced and are being cut and polished by our in house cutter in Dar Es Salaam.

Ethical issues have been high on the agenda at this year’s International Jewellery London.

Consumers are now more aware of ethical issues. A recent IJL consumer survey revealed that the ethical issues surrounding the production and manufacture of jewellery are now seen by the survey respondents as major concerns. This trend is possibly spurred by the Leonardo DiCaprio film, ‘Blood Diamonds’, which brought blood diamonds, ‘Conflict Gems’ from war-torn countries, and worker exploitation to the fore. Three-quarters of the respondents comment that they are prepared to pay a premium for Fairtrade jewellery that has been ethically sourced.

The ethical strand which has run throughout the this year’s show has seen: