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Anna Loucha and


Well done to Anna Loucah for continuing her fairtrade work . We were happy to work with her using ruby and spinel. rubies and spinel rubies and spinel

Over the past 18 months Loucah’s jewellery has been part of three separate auctions, raising a total of £80,000 for Oxfam, something Loucah says she is “very happy about”.

In December last year Loucah’s ruby and pearl Fiore della Notta earrings sold at a similar auction in Dubai, while a set of white gold jewellery set with 35cts of ethically-sourced aquamarine from the Lundazi community owned mine in Zambia sold earlier in 2011 at auction, raising £25,000 for Oxfam.

Rubyfair Ethical gemstones and the community.

Rubyfair the ethical gemstone miner has continued its support of the Ukwama childrens home and orphanage in Southern Tanzania.

Rubyfair orphanage 06.093Its important for the company as an Ethical gem miner to be involved with the community and the relationship now includes the sponsorship of six students to go to school.

( Letters from the students will be posted here soon ). Tanzania like many countries in the world has faced tough economical times and unfortunately as a poor country it is being hit harder than most. Rubyfair can only maintain this support thanks to the continued support of its customers who buy our ethical gemstones and would wish to thank all its customers for their continuing support.

Our rubies , spinel and sapphire gemstones are all mined from our own ethical mine in Tanzania. Our Tanzanite comes from our coop mine owned by our gem cutter who is Tanzanian and has over 30 years of gem cutting to the highest level. All relevant export and import taxes are paid ensuring Tanzania receives the revenue from its commodity .

If you require more information on our ethical mine please contact us or read more about the company and its ethical gemstones here