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Ruby brings glasses to Children of Ukwama orphanage and childrens home.


photoContinuing its commitment to work with the community around its ethical gemstone mine is taking out a hundred glasses to help the children of the Ukwama childrens home .

The glasses have been gathered by Mr L Roberts from Devon and include a large amount donated by Boots Chemist Branch Exeter High Street . They include reading glasses and varifocals and are to be delivered to the Ukwama childrens home by’s mine manager Rashid along with Snellen eye test charts and near vision eye test charts.

Co Director of Vedasto Kujwalire says ” These glasses will make a real difference to the childrens’ lives. Access to eye care is very poor in these remote areas of Tanzania. as well as providing supplies for the Orphanage sponsors some of the older children to attend the local school and with these glasses it will ensure the pupils will not be held back by poor eyesight .”

To learn about rubyfair.coms work with the community around its ethical mine click here and keep updated via twitter and Facebook linked from the rubyfair home page.




Spinel the low cost gemstone.

At we mine four different gemstones RubySapphire , Spinel and Tanzanite ( from our cooperative mine). Spinel is by far the least recognised the question is Why ? Here are a few images showing the range of colour available.

small_myFile_SPF979Purple spinel a personal favourite we find spinel gems in this colour from rich dark royal purple to soft lilacs.




Blue spinel from dark navy blue to the faintest sky blue an affordable alternative to blue Sapphire and Tanzanite .

small_myfile_spinel facet spf 1697


Red spinel from deep mahogany brown/red , blood red to faint pink spinel you really can choose to match your personal taste.

We also have jet black spinelclear spinel ( looks like diamond ) and many other colours. It really is a gemstone without limits in its colour range.

So why is such a clean gemstone with a hardness nearly the same as ruby and sapphire ( spinel is 8 on the mohs scale) not as expensive as these other gemstones ? Well history is maybe one reason it was not until the 1850′s that spinel was differentiated as a separate gemstone than ruby. The reason for this confusion was not difficult to see as spinel is found among ruby and sapphire deposits ( this is the case at the mine).

Another maybe that very large spinel facets are few and far between we are lucky at our spinel deposit often yields large stones of facet nature up to the 10 ct range.

What is for certain as public awareness of  spinel gemstones grows the price of this stunning gemstone will increase.