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When started mining some 5 years ago ethical jewellery suppliers were few and far between as were ethical jewellers has this changed ?

shadows on rock face

Shadows of rubyfair miners on rock face.

When started marketing its ethical gem stones in 2008 the response from jewellers was often ‘I care where my gemstones come from but does my client ?’ Or ‘If I do bring the attention of the client to ethical stones they may ask about the gold.’

Thankfully recent developments in the precious metal supply chain can now answer these queries.

Ethical metals smiths and ethical jewellers are now present across the web and fair-trade gold are now becoming mainstream and it is far easier to answer the clients enquiries.

Trade shows such as the IJL in London feature ethical stands and talks and ethical campaigners such as Greg Valerio have helped raise the questions and profile of ethical gems, metals and jewellers. One thing for sure is the movement is only one way and those jewellers that choose to ignore the demand for ethical jewellery will only loose market share now and in the future.

Glasses Delivered eye tests underway. New Ruby arriving soon.

Returned from from Tanzania after 10 day visit delivering Glasses and eye tests to Ukwama Orphanage.


                                                                         Eye tests for the children

Ten days visit to Tanzania came to a finish and then back to the uk . delivered over 100 eye glasses kindly donated by Boots Exeter Branch.

Mine news.  New ruby vein identified so fingers crossed some new ethical gems will be on the website soon.

Rashid’s mine manager will send back reports soon from the children sponsor at the local school.