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Tanzanite , Ruby , Rain and schools !

School children sponsored by

School children sponsored by

Back from mine and Tanzania. A few updates . Tanzanite is it running out ? Well no despite all the rumours Tanzanite is not running out but it is rare and prices are starting to edge up. The word from the mine is that buyers particularly from China and the middle east are buying top quality Tanzanite not the pale blue desaturated stones that you so often see on TV and in the cheaper end of the jewellery market but rich blue Tanzanite . Tanzanite is rare ( its only found in one place in the world ! ) but there is still plenty available have a look at our ethically mined stones here.

Our ruby mine was brought to a halt when the rains came early but Rashid our mine manager has worked hard and we have some nice new ruby stock both cabochon and facet. Rain has been the hot topic in the UK but its causing problems across Africa too the Maasai have had to alter their grazing routes and many lives are been affected.

The children that sponsor from the Ukwama orphanage have been dispersed to a number of schools to suit their ages but we are still keeping in touch and sending funds. The orphanage itself has suffered from large downpours but the new roof paid for by is holding up. Many thanks to all our clients who support us and help support this work. keep coming back for further updates why not join us on twitter and Facebook please like the page.