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Spinel becoming the go to gem stone.

Jewellery designers and their clients are featuring spinels of all colours in their latest designs today more than ever before. The increased availability of spinel in a variety of colours and cuts in recent years has given jewellers and their clients a greater choice. Recent articles such as this one in the FT have brought this gem stone more and more into the public view.

In 2004, a new discovery of fine vivid red spinels from Ipanko, near the village of Mahenge in Southern Tanzania , quickly catapulted this under-appreciated gem to new status. These spinels, possessing an electric color that rivals and often surpasses the best from Burma, have brought spinel from all sources to the attention of designers and collectors. has continued mining a variety of colours and sizes of spinel from its ethical mine in Ipanko since 2008.

Coloured spinel and Tanzanite for spring colours.

As the Chinese economy continues to grow the demand for coloured gemstones continues with spinel and tanzanite being hot favourites. In some pieces these two relatively inexpensive gemstones are being used together as in these earrings by Carla Amorin.


Brinco Mosteiro esp fundo branco O.B.

Monastery earrings in 18k gold with 39.74 cts. t.w. tanzanite and 1.01 cts. t.w. lavender spinel, $14,000; Carla Amorim

Rubyfair has a range of spinel in various colours with a great choice of cuts and sizes all ethically mined. Tanzanite in all cuts and sizes right up to double digit ct stones are available all of the highest quality and saturation.