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Is the world changing to view ethical jewellery as the norm ?

photo miners sieving at ethical mine.

A recent article out on the news wires (link here) reports that the British government is aiming to make retailers and producers more aware of human rights abuses that take place in their supply chains . This should give a boost to both ethical gem suppliers and ethical jewellers.

Ethical Jewellers such as Rachel Sweeney, co-owner of Cox + Power, said: “I think there is much more awareness of ethics and fair trade in all fields – food, fashion, jewellery – and people are aware of conflict issues relating to diamonds as well.”

This is a great initiative by the UK government but recommendations and guidelines should be backed up with legislation. Unethical dealers will always ignore guidelines and attempt to undercut the ethical competition by using products sourced from those using child labour and unacceptable working methods.

The supply line of gemstones and other raw materials should be open and accountable and any supplier and importer who cannot satisfy officials should be refused the ability to import their stock into the UK.

With the ease of communication and the internet it is relatively easy for companies to become more transparent about their working methods and give their customers the choice. If the government is taking a step in the right direction with these guide lines it can only be welcomed but without teeth it is still up to the buying public to do their own research.




September and Summer is still here so why think about Christmas ?

With the sun still out and it set to get warmer in the UK why give any thought to Xmas ? Well if you are a Professional jeweller, home jeweller or just looking to make that extra effort with your gift then thinking ahead is what is needed. Choosing an ethical gemstone either as a gift or to make into a piece of jewellery needs some planning and time for design and manufacture .

Firstly what type of gemstone. Rubyfair only offers gemstones from its own mine ( Ruby, sapphire and spinel ) and from its co op mine Tanzanite. If you are looking for other gemstones sorry but we are not stone dealers we mine then sell direct to you. Do contact us for other gems and we will try to put you towards ethical gemstones from another company like Nineteen48 or other members of the FJA

We have most colours (just not green) so contact us to see what gemstone and budget is good for you. Remember thing ahead and get planning as to find the right gemstone for the right design can take time. Have a look at some of our sale items we are having a bit of a clear out before the next shipment so you can grab a bargain just click here and search with the word sale. And if you are the UK enjoy the sunshine but its only 3 more pay days until Xmas !