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Diamonds are losing their sparkle as rubies become a girl’s best friend

spinel facet spf 1783An article in The Times last week revealed that The Duchess of Cambridge’s Sapphire engagement ring is believed to have buoyed sales of coloured  gemstones. Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Felicity Jones have all worn Ruby gemstones on the red carpet. Coloured gemstones are seen as less formal, more fun, and reflect the wearer’s personality more than diamonds.


Jewellers across the country are seeing a strong trend towards bright, vibrant, and colourful gemstones. Diamonds still top the engagement ring category, but coloured gemstones are popular with female shoppers who are buying pieces for themselves, a market that has grown by 25% in the last year.

Women are spending up to £2000 on a piece of statement gemstone jewellery for themselves. Last year a pair of vintage 1930s  Ruby Cartier earrings sold for £482,000. Blue shades are especially popular and our Spinel and Tanzanite gemstones are perfect for making that stand out piece.

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Coloured Gemstone Prices Soaring.

We at were happy to see this article in Diamond World recently, which also made the DailyTelegraph and the Guardian last week. It highlighted the the soaring prices of coloured gemstones which has prompted canny investors to switch from diamonds. 

The collection offers a considerable and varied range of  RubySapphireSpinel and Tanzanite at competitive prices, giving you stunning gemstones and a sound investment.

Colored gemstones are being worn more and more by celebrities on the red carpet giving rise to 2015 becoming the year of coloured gemstones.