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Spinel set to be star of 2016.

Spinel continues to rise in Price around the globe.

Following on from the record sale price for the Hope Spinel in September offers a big saving on its range of spinel for the Xmas period. Whatever you spend on spinel we will match that with the same again free of charge. Spend £100 get £100 of spinel free, spend £1000 you get £1000 free !

spinel facet spf 1779


Spinel is a  becoming better known as an investment gem, but in fact some of the most famous rubies in the world, such as the the Black Prince’s ruby in the British Crown Jewels, are actually spinels and in the far East this gem is already highly sort after.

The most valuable spinel colors are red, hot pink and purple. Red Burmese spinels and the neon pink-red spinels from Mahenge,  home of the mine, Tanzania have the best investment potential. Spinel is completely untreated and prices on fine pieces are due to rise in 2016.