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Ruby Prices

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We have seen an increasing demand for our natural untreated ethical ruby. Is the market on the rise as predicted in this article from the telegraph earlier this year ?


Coloured gemstones are increasing in value as buyers gain an appreciation of their beauty and rarity. Even with the higher prices they command, their availability does not come remotely close to being able to supply the high international demand. So it’s perhaps no surprise that the Jubilee Ruby, the most important ruby of its calibre to be offered for sale at auction in the United States for over 25 years, became the most expensive coloured gemstone ever sold at auction in America when it achieved $14,165,000 (£9.86 million) at Christie’s in New York on April 20th.

The 15.99-carat Jubilee Ruby is the second largest ruby to come up for auction in the last five years and carried an estimate of $12-15 million. To understand why rubies attract such record-breaking prices, it helps to delve into their history.

Rubies were regarded by ancient civilizations to be unquestionably the most precious gemstone in the natural world. The price that was paid for a ruby far outweighed the cost of a diamond, which is understandable as diamonds remained a mystery until man was able to cut the hardest material on earth as late as the 1400s.

Before mineralogy became a science, helped by the services of chemistry and physics, red stones were difficult to distinguish from each other, so spinels, beryls and garnets were often mistaken for rubies. Nowadays gemmologists are able to tell not just what a stone is but where it came from, which makes a difference in the ruby world.

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Spinel set to be star of 2016.

Spinel continues to rise in Price around the globe.

Following on from the record sale price for the Hope Spinel in September offers a big saving on its range of spinel for the Xmas period. Whatever you spend on spinel we will match that with the same again free of charge. Spend £100 get £100 of spinel free, spend £1000 you get £1000 free !

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Spinel is a  becoming better known as an investment gem, but in fact some of the most famous rubies in the world, such as the the Black Prince’s ruby in the British Crown Jewels, are actually spinels and in the far East this gem is already highly sort after.

The most valuable spinel colors are red, hot pink and purple. Red Burmese spinels and the neon pink-red spinels from Mahenge,  home of the mine, Tanzania have the best investment potential. Spinel is completely untreated and prices on fine pieces are due to rise in 2016.

Ethical stones in ethical Jewellery.

Now ethical sourcing can cover all of the jewellery.

With the availability of ethical gemstones across the product range now, along with ethical and reclaimed precious metals, gone are the days that a jeweller can dismiss the shift towards ethical sourcing as impossible due to a restrictive product range. has been supplying ethical ruby, tanzanite, spinel and sapphire to the market since 2009 and has found its market place has become wider and more informed as each year passes.

Necklace 1 781 necklace in 18k gold with ethical ruby and Tanzanite.

In order to help spread the word and introduce jewellers to its range is commissioning some exclusive one off pieces using its ethical gemstones and reclaimed gold. The idea is to supply these exclusive pieces to the trade so as to showcase ethical gemstones and allow jewellers to sell a piece without the initial outlay for the gemstones and manufacture. If you are an ethical jeweller and wish to discuss stocking these items please contact here

Coloured Gemstone Prices Soaring.

We at were happy to see this article in Diamond World recently, which also made the DailyTelegraph and the Guardian last week. It highlighted the the soaring prices of coloured gemstones which has prompted canny investors to switch from diamonds. 

The collection offers a considerable and varied range of  RubySapphireSpinel and Tanzanite at competitive prices, giving you stunning gemstones and a sound investment.

Colored gemstones are being worn more and more by celebrities on the red carpet giving rise to 2015 becoming the year of coloured gemstones.

Annaloucah’s ethically designed tanzanite piece in Benchpeg


Annaloucah’s ethically designed tanzanite piece


Award winning ethical jeweller Annaloucah evokes the nature of the materials she has chosen within her latest jewellery design.

The earrings are called ‘Arusha’ named after the mine and the design is based on both the crystal structure of Tanzanite while also referencing the entrance to the mine and the kind of bottomless nature of mining – tunnelling to the centre of the earth.

The asymmetric nature is a deliberate way of celebrating the beauty and rarity of Tanzanite in that is unusual to find two stones the same.

The metals used are Fair trade silver, white and yellow 18ct gold. The Tanzanites were ethically sourced through

Annaloucah first came to prominence after working with ethically sourced materials, for the collaboration with Livia Firth for the 2011 Golden Globes.
Anna created, for Livia, a set of bespoke jewels inspired by the historical legacy of ‘The Kings Speech’, the film for which Colin Firth was nominated for Best Actor.

The “Arusha” earrings were most recently displayed at this year’s Goldsmiths Pavilion In London.



UK hotter than Rubyfair mine !


Spoke to Rashid (’s mine manager ) and he can’t believe the UK has hotter weather than Tanzania. The mine is set in the hills so the temperature is even lower than those shown above. We are expecting a nice selection of smaller Tanzanite back, below the 1 ct level, so please contact us if you fancy making some stunning blue earrings or solitaire rings . Also some new ruby cabs and a fine array of spinel facets.

Keep a watch out for new items with sale prices as they are added to make room for new arrivals. Search here with word sale.

And enjoy the Sun shine !