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Letter of thanks from Ukwama childrens home supported by

Many thanks to all our clients and supporters.


Gary Roberts's Director on Panel at IJL 2012 Sunday 2nd September

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02 Sep 2012, 12:45 - 13:45 Whitehall Room
How does engaging with ethics or sustainability affect your company? This session will introduce a panel of jewellers and jewellery suppliers who have all made ethics or sustainability a key part of their business strategy. Each of the panellists will explain the approach they have taken and what this has meant in practice for them and their clients over the past year. The session will include opportunities to ask the panel about the realities of implementing an ethical or sustainable business model. Chaired by Peter Oakley and a panel of guests TBC.



July and the “King of Gemstones” – The Ruby Birthstone


1.7.12                                                                                 From Benchpeg magazine


23.2 Creates Ethical Jewellers Directory

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RubyFair the ethical supplier of rubies, sapphires , spinel and tanzanite with its own ethical mine in Tanzania launches a Free ethical jewellers directory from its website RubyFair which has supplied the trade with ethical gems since 2007 has launched a free ethical jewellers search from its website which gives a biography of the jeweller and their website with contact details. Jewellers can be searched via county or town or both and recent work will be shown with a photograph on their dedicated webpage.

Director Gary Roberts explained " has on average 10,000 page visits a month and we appreciate that although many are from jewellers finding out about us as a company the great majority are people looking for ready made or bespoke pieces featuring ethical stones . We don't make or sell jewellery so all these potential clients were just going to waste and could not source the jewellery required featuring our ethical stones."

Pete Brown, Operations manager, added "The aim of the directory is for jewellery clients who are searching for ethical jewellers, featuring our stones, to be able to find a jeweller in their area and for the direct link to take them direct to their website. The directory is free and all we ask is that the jeweller is a client of ours so , as we know at the moment funds are tight, a relatively inexpensive stone in a straightforward setting will allow even the smallest start up jeweller to gain a web foot print."

So far the directory has 175 entrants nationwide including a small number of worldwide ethical jewellers and is growing. The directory can be viewed at:


4.6.12 fund raiser for Ukwama orphanage in Tanzania

Call 07957 656677 or Email for Raffle tickets.



29.4.12 mentioned in Ecologist magazine.

Ethical jewellery: what to ask and what to buy.  24th April, 2012

Precious stones.
Of course jewellery is about more than diamonds and gold but other materials are even harder to trace. According to Valerio, this is likely to be because they are less valuable. ‘In so many degrees diamonds are more 'sexy' and much more prone to publicity than gems,’ says Mike Angenent, founder of the Jeweltree Foundation which works to support ASM miners. 'Nevertheless, there are a lot of gemstone projects out there as well such as Ruby Fair, Columbia Gem House, Fair Gems Process and Brazil Gems.' Vivien Johnston, founder of Glasgow based ethical jeweller Fifi Bijoux, knows the difficulties of tracing supply chains. When she started her business, the gemstone selection was very limited as she only uses stones she knows the origins of. But now she now says she can use almost all types of precious stone. 'That’s the beauty of having such involvement with your suppliers; you build a relationship,' she says.



the benchpeg® newsletter issue 249 4-10th March


22. Ethical Section:

22.1 Sponsor Six Children's Schooling in Tanzania is happy to announce that all six sponsored children have passed their January entrance exams and are attending the secondary school where they are supported by

Formed with a partnership between UK based Gary Roberts and Tanzanian Vedasto Kujwalire in 2008, is a partnership between British Jewellers and Tanzanian Miners where both the miners welfare, the environment and ecology of the land are all given careful consideration. With their own Ruby mine in southern Tanzania supply untreated gemstones of the highest quality including Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite and Spinel to ethical jewellers worldwide. has an ongoing sponsorship commitment to the Ukwama children's home near its mine in Mahenge Southern Tanzania and was asked at the end of 2011 if it could sponsor six of the older orphans to attend the local secondary school.

Director Gary Roberts said, "We were happy to extend our financial commitment to the children's home and have used funds from the sale of the jewellery designed by Annah Loucha and worn by Livia Firth at last years Bafta awards, featuring gems from and ethical pearls from Jersey pearls." Operational Manager Pete Brown continued, "Since the start of the Rubyfair operation we have supported the children's home with both food, cloths , building materials and the setting up of a wood work shop. The school sponsorship is a continuation of this support and we would like to thank our 200 jewellers both UK and overseas who have continued to use to supply their gem stones for their support."





                                                                                    Erin Cox ‏ @ErinCoxjeweller

                        #fairtrade fortnight in mind I have just bought the most stunning 2ct tanzanite from @rubyfaircom .



This year started sponsoring six children from the Ukwama Childrens Home it supports to go to the local school.

They have started writing letters to us  ( In English , Kiswahili is the first language).

Here is one of the letters.



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21.1 Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery Accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation

Gold jewellery symbolises love, beauty and above all romance. Sometimes the origin and story of how that gold was mined is less than desirable, with miner’s welfare and

conditions being well below the fair standards of living. Diana Porter is delighted to now be able to offer customers Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, the world’s first independent ethical certification system for gold.

Only products created from Fairtrade and Fairmined Certified gold are able to bear the dual stamp of the Fairtrade and Fairmined marks offering customers the guarantee that the gold in the jewellery they have purchased has been responsibly mined and that the miners have received a Fairtrade Minimum Price and Premium which assists in their communities’ social, environmental and economic development.

Fairtrade and Fairmined gold was launched in the UK on Valentine’s Day last year (2011). The dual label is the result of years of work between Fairtrade International (FLO) and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), and provides a lifeline for thousands of impoverished small-scale and artisanal miners in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.


Issue 241: 8th - 14th January 2012


the benchpeg® newsletter

Diana has always been concerned about the emerging bad practices surrounding the acquisition of the raw materials used to create jewellery. In 2007 she visited the Cotapata artisanal mines in Bolivia where they were in the process of improving their practises and applying for Fairtrade recognition.

To commemorate the accreditation of Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery by the Fairtrade Foundation and celebrate this positive progress in the British jewellery industry, Diana has designed and made a special 8 piece spinning ring: The etching reads ‘fairmind’ in relief lettering across the 8 pieces and the jumble of marks when the ring is spun represents the confusion surrounding the mining process and the difficulty in obtaining traceable ethical metals.


Customers now have the choice of using Fairtrade and Fairmined gold for their jewellery and with all of Diana’s work being made behind her Park Street shop in the workshop, you really can know every step of the journey of your piece of jewellery!



In order to continue  its promise to support the local community is today commiting to paying for the schooling of 6 children to go to school in Mahenge from the orphanage supports. ( Ukwama children's Home and Orphanage giving )

 Futher updates will appear on twitter and on this page.







On February 14 the Fairtrade Foundation hallmark for gold was unveiled to the public, offering jewellery shoppers an accessible in to the ethical jewellery market. The first hoard of Fairtrade gold was divided up amongst 20 jewellers in the UK and while there were sceptics at first, the rise of ethical jewellery in the months since has been noticeable and it is no longer just a niche product sector. Leading companies such as Garrard, Weston Beamor, Stephen Webster and Ingle & Rhode were among the early adopters and new ethical companies have continued to pop up including Chavin and Foundation Jewellery. Ethical diamonds have also started to gain some market share with conflict-free brand Canadian Ice being picked up by a major multiple.



In the build up to Xmas a great free offer for a free present. With every web stone ordered a free Spinal Gemstone will be included. The bigger the order the bigger the spinel ! Just order as normal.



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                                 Rare yellow pear-shaped diamond to be auctioned off for $15m by Sotheby's in Geneva



Jocelyn Whipple
Congrats on a beautiful guilt free collection! @jersey_Pearl @annaloucah @rubyfaircom @liviafirth


Recently-launched collection by ethical jewellery designer Anna Loucah. Jersey Pearl and Loucah collaborated on its Fiore della Notte collection, an entirely ethical range crafted with recycled gold sourced through Hoover & Strong, fair mined rubies from Ruby Fair and and CarbonNeutral Akoya pearls.

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Free spinel facet for every website suggestion.

In October every suggestion to improve our website will recieve a free spinel facet.

( One free spinel per address ).

Just send your suggestion and comments in the enquiry box here   please include your postal details for free spinel.



Dear Gary

We have received your very kind and generous gift for our fundraising and I am sure they will be a great gift for someone to win in our raffle, it is only with the help of people such as yourself that we are able to achieve our target.
With our sincere thanks and best wishes.

 Bristol Royal Infirmary.



Ethical and Fair Trade Gemstones – an overview



I know its still hot but jewellery takes time !

In the build up to Xmas a great free offer for a free present. With every web stone ordered a free Spinal Gemstone will be included. The bigger the order the bigger the spinel ! Just order as normal.



Flore Della Notte

Collection launched.

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Great guide to grading Tanzanite.

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To see some 4 A tanzanite click here.



     Great guide for stone buying.






Kirstie Allsopp's favourite things: I lost my most special ring - and I've even set up a website to try and find it.

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see website



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Black spinel the new black diamond ?

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New in Tanzanite from 0.4ct and stunning spinel .

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National Association of Goldsmiths & British Jewellers’ Association June 2011

For Immediate Release
National Association of Goldsmiths & British Jewellers’ Association Join Forces For Ethical Standards
The British Jewellers’ Association this week demonstrated it’s commitment to assist members in achieving ethical supply chains by uniting with The National Association of Goldsmiths Ethics Working Committee initiative.
Realising that many small businesses are faced with substantial challenges when trying to assess ethical credentials of suppliers, the BJA and NAG have together taken the step towards bridging the gap between British jewellers and international small scale producers.
Both associations have connections with RJC and CIBJO and are mindful of their contribution to the debate, but act in the best interests of their respective members.
The launch of Fair Trade Gold has heralded a surge in demand from jewellers who are eager to embrace Fair Trade and ethical values throughout their supply chain.
However, many find themselves in a quandary as to how to integrate a traceable or credible system for selecting suppliers and for giving assurances to consumers.
The NAG & BJA‘s ethics working committee will assess the feasibility of a system of auditable standards covering the following areas:
·         Mining
·         Metals
·         Diamonds
·         Gemstones
·         Manufacturing
·         Retailing.
Experts from each field will be called upon to assess and comment on the standards, in order to develop a robust system which can be accessed by NAG & BJA members in the future. Vivien Johnston, founder of ethical jewellery brand Fifi Bijoux, has been appointed to steer the project.
Greg Valerio, the force who brought Fair Trade gold to market, has pledged his support for the realisation of the standards.
Valerio and Johnston have both created ethical brands which use exclusively ethical materials, and have first hand knowledge of the complexities involved.
The ethics committee will use collective industry knowledge to drive forward greater transparency from suppliers and to provide members with an accessible system of assessment. The routes to connect with producers who are working to high standards of social and environmentally are currently inaccessible to many jewellers and the Ethics Working Committee seeks to enable relationships between both parties.
Contact: Vivien Johnston- 07789224705


Erin Cox
@rubyfaircom Definitely my new favourite. Beautiful subtle colours, good refractive index. I love them!




Spinel back in voque.

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Fair trade gems on the agenda again click here

Dr. Dietmar Schwarz, research manager for the Gubelin Gem Lab in Lucerne, Switzerland concurs: “As consumer awareness has increased in recent years, geographic origin reports have also become more important for those wishing to avoid politically or ethically challenged producer countries.” In fact, Hainschwang adds that by proving goods originate from ethically responsible sources, gems get new added value, equating to higher demand and acceptance in the market.


Congrats to Greg founder of Cred who use Rubyfair Ruby .

The UK Guardian Names Greg Valerio As One of the Top Three Global Campaigners

Greg Valerio, activist, jeweler and co-founder of Fair Jewelry Action, has been named by the Guardian as a finalist in Ethical Award under the category, Global Campaigners. The other two finalists are Greenpeace and Avaaz.
In listing its finalists, the Guardian wrote, “Greg is a pioneer in the international development of fairly traded jewellery and is recognised globally as one of the loudest and most persistent voices in the fight for responsible mining.”
See the article here:



New delivery due for viewings contact us.

Rubies, sapphire, spinel and tanzanite.


New Video for Rubyfair click here



 Rubyfair's ethical rubies and spinel to be auctioned in Golden Globes Jewellery worn by Livia Firth.

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"A second set of ethical jewellery designs, worn by Livia Firth to the Golden Globes in January and made from 18ct recycled gold and ethical rubies, will be auctioned by Oxfam in Dubai later this year."




We have some stunning stones just in from mine. Tanzanite, ruby and spinel.

to see video of one of our stunning Tanzanites click here.


"I am very pleased to now be sourcing all my rubies, sapphire and spinel from Rubyfair, a wonderful ethical, fairtrade company mining in Tanzania."  Erin Cox


'Thank you once again for the way you handled that last transaction. The customer is very happy. Once the ring is finished I will send a photo.'

Melinda Nugent FGAA
Ethical Jewellery Australia Pty Ltd
07 3369 8438
0410 485 452



Rubyfair helps charities in UK as well as in Tanzania using its ethical stones . Mobeus Jewellery has kindly produced this ring to be

auctioned for the Teesside Hospice charity. Please see for details.

Rubyfair ring, stones set by Mobeus jewellers for Teesside Hospice charity.

Click ring to see Mobeus website.



Scratching the surface: Ethical jewellery

Anna Loucah was Firth’s jewellery designer of choice to make the pieces she wore with her “vegan silk” gown from US eco-designer Jeff Garner’s line Prophetik at this year’s Golden Globes. Loucah used gold donated by US company Hoover & Strong, an eco-friendly refiner and manufacturer of precious metals. For the rubies and spinels, she chose, a site set up through a partnership between British jewellers and Tanzanian ruby miners that assures the stones are mined in an environment where the ecology of the land and welfare of the miners is considered. And the pearls came courtesy of Jersey Pearl, which farms pearls under strict environmental codes. The base metal was 100% ethically sourced, recycled gold and the pieces will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to Oxfam. click here for full article.



April Double day in the daily mail click here

Click ring made from fair trade gold and Rubyfair ethical gems to see April's site.



Rubyfair stones at Oscars and Golden Globes .

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Livia and Colin





Many rumors have been circulating about the Tanzanite crystals supply depleting. Unfortunately, most of these rumors are true.   As with any non renewable resources, the supply of Tanzanite gemstones will be practically exhausted, perhaps in another 5 to 10 years. These crystals has been mined for more than 40 years now and there's only a small percentage of untouched land left. Tanzanite crystals are highly sought after by collectors worldwide and once the supply of these gemstones are extinct, the scarcity will inevitably cause tanzanite's value to soar.


Golden globes 2011

These are the pieces of jewellery made from Rubyfair ethical stones and worn by Livia Firth  wife of Film star Colin Firth at the Golden Globes 2011. Our ethical Ruby and spinel were worn by Livia Firth and used by Anna Loucah to make some ethical earrings and bracelet for Livia to wear on the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2011.


Just to let you know, my Rubies and Sapphires arrived this morning - they are beautiful, I hope I can do them justice!

Have a good weekend,

kind regards,



These are the stunning original designs , featuring Rubyfair Rubies and spinel, by Anna Loucah for

Livia Firth . The one Livia chose is the middle .

Click image to be taken to her website.


Colin Firth wins Golden Globe and his wife Livia wears ethical Rubies and Spinel !


Rubyfair ethical stones being used by wife of Film star Colin Firth. Our ethical Ruby and spinel is being used by Livia Firth and Anna Loucah to make some ethical earrings for Livia to wear on the red carpet. Read more by clicking the Vogue logo.


Organisations that support The Beautiful Splint Company

York School of Jewellery is an independant school of jewellery and the largest service provider in the North of England with a reputation for teaching and success second to none. It provides equipment, research facilities and some materials free of charge to The Beautiful Splint Company.

For further information on the classes and courses run by York School of Jewellery please see

Workshop space provided by York School of Jewellery


Rubyfair miner is a partnership between British jewellers and Tanzanian miners where both the miners welfare, the environment and ecology of the land are given careful consideration. With their own ruby mine in southern Tanzania supply untreated gemstones of the highest quality. Formed with a partnership between UK based Gary Roberts and Tanzanian Vedasto Kujwalire in 2008. The company has grown from a small scale miner to a large UK supplier of ethical natural ruby and sapphire to bespoke jewellers. has kindly donated two rubies to The Beautiful Splint Company to be used in bespoke splints.

Further deatils can be found at




Three new additions from Christopher Evans .

click image for website.




Sale offer for the festive season and January sale time . Any stone purchased via website between 26nd December 2010 and January 31st 2011 receives a free Ruby facet worth 50% of ordered stone value. This applies to all orders. Just order as normal between this period and your extra stone will be included with your dispatched order .



The rubies arrived – thank you, they are beautiful.

Very happy with them (love the cabochon) .
I will definitely send you photos of the finished pieces and really hope that I have more business for you in the year to come.
All the best for the holiday season.

Kind regards,
Melinda Nugent FGAA



Great new rings from Erin Cox click image to see website.

With Rubyfair ethical stones.


A new shop for Clusters .



Another  happy Rubyfair client using a Rubyfair stone from a Rubyfair Jeweller.

Thank you for your help and advice, in the end we decided to go to Julie Anne Palmer in Bristol  (nearer to us) and she made up a lovely ring with a ruby she had is stock and a diamond eternity ring that I had and never wore.  So all in all a very good result,

With Best Wishes



Stunning Tanzanite ring from Fifi Bijoux

using Rubyfair ethical gem.

click image to view



Its not us but we do have some lovely sapphires.

World’s largest sapphire found in East Africa

clik to view.




James Brown rings.

click to view.



Rubyfair in benchpeg fair trade rubies

click image to read article



Delicate use of Rubyfair stones from Turning heads click image to go direct to site .



New jewellery from Davidsons see




A rare opportunity to acquire these gems at unbeatable prices. Black blue and red see




Two new rings added on ethical jewellery page




4.10.10 donated one of its ethical sapphires to be made into a ring to be auctioned for the Teeside hospice raising £400 on the night. Picture shows Maureen Thompson Chief executive of Teeside Hospice presenting the pink sapphire ring . Many thanks also to Jill Freeman Bespoke jewellers of Yarm who remodelled the ring.



New design for Rubyfair certificate issued with every stone to show the ethical nature of your fair trade ruby or sapphire.

The reverse of certificate shows gem type, cut , carat and size and has a space for ethical jewellers stamp or logo.


25.9.10 featured in Making  Jewellery magazine in their best of the web feature.

Highlights our ethical jewellery status.

Click image to read.



Rubyfair uses ethical jewellery in the uk.

This bespoke ring containing a fair trade sapphire  donated from made by one of's bespoke jewellers, it is to be sold for charity.

Teesside Hospice ball at the Thistle Hotel,  Middlesbrough Saturday 2nd october  7.00 for 7.30 start. Tickets £45




                       This is why Rubyfair should be your choice for rubbies and sapphires for your ethical jewellery.


The woodwork workshop established at the Ukwama children's Home has made and sold three beds since our visit to set the workshop up in July. Many thanks to all our clients who buy ethical ruby and sapphire from us for their ethical jewellery without this support this work would not take place.




Ethical issues have been high on the agenda at this year’s International Jewellery London.

Consumers are now more aware of ethical issues. A recent IJL consumer survey revealed that the ethical issues surrounding the production and manufacture of jewellery are now seen by the survey respondents as major concerns. This trend is possibly spurred by the Leonardo DiCaprio film, ‘Blood Diamonds’, which brought blood diamonds, ‘Conflict Gems’ from war-torn countries, and worker exploitation to the fore. Three-quarters of the respondents comment that they are prepared to pay a premium for Fairtrade jewellery that has been ethically sourced.

The ethical strand which has run throughout the this year's show has seen:

Greg Valerio of th